We're Adamanta

We are a leading independent manufacturer of computer memory.

We Are Creating Memory Solutions.

Founded in 2012, the Adamanta brand was created to build high performance memory. We've always focused on making our computer memory the most reliable in the industry, extensively testing our components to guarantee they last.

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Enterprise Reliability

Our core concern is building robust computer memory. We've created an expansive testing workflow to guarantee every module is Adamanta quality.

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Real World Testing

We test all of our memory with real applications and intense workloads, going beyond the industry standard. Adamanta memory means you have the power to handle your most demanding applications easily.

We Empower Your Operation

Business workflows are requiring more and more performance from memory. Whether it's Excel spreadsheets, database and cache servers, or 4k video editing, the message is clear: keeping up requires more RAM.

Rely on Adamanta Memory to accelerate your team's productivity. Do what you do best and let us handle performance; our team of technicians can find memory compatible with your machines.

Don't play catch up! Leap ahead of the competition with Adamanta memory. Contact us now to find your solutions!


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