Why Buy Adamanta Memory?

• In-house lab testing that goes far beyond industry standards to guarantee compatibility, high quality and reliability 
• Further supported by a lifetime warranty and replacement policy on every unit 
• Top of the line customer support that is never outsourced

Adamanta's Thorough Product Testing

In order to provide you with high quality, high performing memory upgrades that will be reliable for a lifetime, we run every unit through extensive, rigorous testing before sending them out. Every module is tested far beyond the industry standard in our on-site testing lab, where they are run through Rember testing software for 9 hours straight. This testing process includes challenging memory testing algorithms that run directly through the memory to ensure that the units can handle the most demanding workflows possible.

Guaranteed to be the Highest 
Quality Memory Upgrades 

In addition to our extensive quality control testing, we use our testing labs for benchmarking purposes to show that a memory upgrade will greatly boost your machine’s speed, performance and capacity to give you the best workflow possible. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality products and aim to not only meet but exceed your expectations. We want you to feel confident and satisfied with your purchase, which is why we provide a lifetime warranty & replacement policy on all of our products.

About Rember Testing

Rember uses one of the most precise and thorough testing software programs available to test our memory and verify that it is functioning properly. The program uses 13 different algorithms to thoroughly test memory chips for both hard memory failures and intermittent errors and provides detailed reports about timings, clock speeds, etc. This testing process greatly reduces our margin of error to ensure our memory will not cause any crashing, freezing, file corruption, or other problems.