“If you’re looking for RAM that won’t break the bank without 
sacrificing quality, I’d definitely recommend Adamanta.” –Remi

What our customers are saying

iMac is running perfectly!

 I didn’t expect such high-level performance considering how cheap this memory is! My 2017 iMac is running smoothly and everything has been perfect so far. Upgrading the RAM has really helped with video editing and running multiple applications at once. I’m definitely impressed and will be purchasing from Adamanta again in the future.
- Christian
Great deal, great upgrade
Affordable upgrade that worked just as expected. The RAM was packaged in anti-static bags and there were no issues when I booted up my iMac. It’s working really well for my system, which I use for software development, data processing, and remote server admin. If you’re new to computer upgrades, follow instructions carefully and watch installation videos online first but the upgrade is definitely worth it.
- Mitchell
Working great! 

This RAM is great, my iMac recognized it as soon as I installed. I saw a small glitch the first day so I waited to review the RAM for a couple weeks but since then, it’s been working well with no issues. My iMac is running better than ever! You really can’t beat these prices and I’m shocked Apple charges so much for the same product. 
I’m very happy with this RAM.
- Zack

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